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Not Your Mom

Fully Immersive Events

We run things just a little bit differently at Cosmic. We're a little bit old school burner/cacophony society with a dash of cuckoo bananas.

We encourage participants to focus their energy around a center camp and stage. We believe this helps to build the community by bringing everyone together, kind of like a town square or neighborhood bar.

We also want everyone to join in on the immersive theme at each event; dress the part, play the character, talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Mostly we're pretty cool, but occasionally you may hear us say, "F*CK YOUR BURN! We don't care how you usually do it!"

Get Involved

Burningman principle design

We are a Do-ocracy.

If you see something that needs to be done, DO IT! We believe not everything needs to be planned and organized. If you feel our community needs something PLEASE DO IT! If you need help ask around. Everyone is willing to do their part. It is our belief when you start assigning roles for everything people believe it becomes somebody elses job.


clock We are always looking for artists trying to do that next big (or not so big) thing! We are always looking to fund an artist for our events! If you have something in mind please send us a grant proposal!

The Origins of the Cow

cosmic logo Cattle are descended from a wild ancestor called the aurochs. The aurochs were huge animals which originated on the subcontinent of India and then spread into China, the Middle East, and eventually northern Africa and Europe. Aurochs are one of the animals painted on the famous cave walls near Lascaux, France

About Us

We are an experimental community who practice 10 Principles of Burningman

Contact Information

Cosmic HQ: Rochester, NY 14604